Knit Witches

Hi Everyone and welcome to the Knit Witches page. Here is where we will keep you informed of anything the Witches are up too and share some of our projects with you. We meet every Thursday at 5pm at the Paperlane and everyone is welcome!! So to start with I would like to share "Serafina pekkala" with you. She is an Alan Dart pattern and knitted in Artesano's superwash merino. Her broomstick is made out of a knitting needle!


  1. Hello ! Just testing that comments can be made! Just love "Serafina Pekkala" - cute - in a bewitching way!

  2. Visited Witch Wool for the first time today - it won't be the last. Only small but what a selection of wool and accessories !

    1. Thank you Katie. There are lots and lots of amazing new yarns due in the next month or two! Witch wool will be expanding its range and stock over the Autumn months and I look forward to welcoming you back!
      hugs Caz xx


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