Friday, 7 October 2011

it actually works!

It is not often I am really impressed with a new product.
Indigo Blu, you have pulled it off! Not only do I LOVE  your stamps but "flitter glue" actually works!
How often have you had a really detailed stamp and been disapointed when you have embossed it and found much of the detail lost?
Well ive tested this on the most detailed stamps i could find, just look at this......

This is done with gold leaf and flitter glue, and
its easy!!!
It will be in stock by mid week and im happy to demonstrate it. (you can also use glitter or perfect pearls)
Yes, Indigo Blu, Im impressed! (picture is only taken with my phone im afraid!)


  1. Lovely card Caz. I did a workshop with Kay (?) from Indigo Blu at the show at Harrogate last month and we used her flitter glue and gold leaf. I too was impressed with the fine detail that you can get - bought some but haven't had chance to use it yet! Seeing your card has given me an idea though and might just enter your challenge this time.....!! Jill x

  2. wow looks great! anything that makes my projects look good is worth it!!


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