Sunday, 3 July 2011

Introduction to Copic Class

Hi Everyone! Hope all is well with you - I spent the day with five lovely ladies today, getting to grips with Copic markers.

We spent time learning a variety of blends  - so remember to keep playing with your pens ladies!! :-)

Here are all of the lovely samples that the ladies finished. We made a door hanger using Molly Bloom Stamps.

Aren't they all lovely? Such wonderful work! They are all not square too - with Molly Bloom Stamps on - so each and everyone of them could be entered for The Paperlane Challenge too!

Hope to see you all soon! Kx


  1. Lots of fun going on by the look of them,they are all lovely, luv Georginax

  2. How gorgeous are these there beautiful love them all

    Babs x


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