Friday, 22 April 2011

The Crafty Cuppa Club!

Hi everyone,
I hope you are enjoying the new blog, Thanks so much Kerry! (Maureen lots of new, exciting posts to view !)
Today I want to tell you about Tuesday evenings. "The Crafty Cuppa Club!"
Its a totally free chance to get together with other crafters, cardmakers, scapbookers, knitters, crochet, etc etc. Anything; its doesnt matter what craft you do! 5pm to 7pm every Tuesday.  No need to book or stay for the whole 2 hours, just pop in, the kettle will be on and if you are stuck on a project or just need some inspiration, i will be here to help.
Come on! Bring your knitting, your scrapbooks etc.  Swap patterns and ideas, or just relax, have a natter and a cuppa!
I'm looking forward to seeing you!
Caz xxxxx


  1. I think you are trying to get me to move to Northallerton!! All of these things going on! Lol! Kxx

  2. Love the name of your club. Next time Helen and I are down your way we will come!


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